Mystic Whaler Foundation, New London, CT

Foundation Activities

Youth and Adult Education Programs
The Foundation supports education programs for grade 4 - 12 students in natural history and the history of sailing on the East Coast, Hudson River, and Chesapeake Bay. Natural history education includes the study of the fresh and salt water environments and marine life.

Introduction to Tall Ship Sailing
Sailing is sailing and there is nothing like it! Most people are introduced to sailing through their family or great literature. The look, feel, power, and challenges of sailing a 100 ton sailboat are unique. Foundation programs introduce novice and experienced sailors to the large schooner experience and develop their appreciation of the role of the commercial schooner in the history and economic development of our country.

History and Music of the Schooner Trade
The music of the sailing fleet is part of the rich history of our nation. The songs of the fleet were meant to entertain and educate the sailor. Simple instruments and voices carried the day and evening. The Foundation supports shanty musicians and the keeping of sea song traditions. Public performances are a regular part of our annual programs.

Lighthouse History and Lore
The history and lore of lighthouses are a fascinating tale of our maritime development. Each lighthouse has its own story of architecture and purpose. The Foundation supports local and national historians who study and lecture on lighthouse history.

Introduction to Schooner Crewing
The Foundation provides scholarships for young adults learning the sailing trade. Scholarship recipients, both men and women, are trained in all aspects of professional sailing. Many schooner crew stay in sailing and become professional mariners, keeping our maritime traditions alive for future generations.

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