Mystic Whaler Foundation, New London, CT

About the Foundation

The Mystic Whaler Foundation was formed in 2006 by a group of people who love the Mystic Whaler and her maritime education programs. Seeing the faces of people young and old light up when they step aboard the ship made us want to find ways to support its educational work. Board Members, Advisors, and Support Crew provide all of the services (legal, accounting, printing, etc.) and money (postage, website costs, etc.) to cover the Foundation’s modest administrative costs. All money raised by your donation support the Foundation's programs. Join us!

Board of Directors
James (Jim) Merrins, Ed.D., President - Sailor and Superintendent of Schools
John Terrell (JT), Vice President- Sailor and Businessman
John Senning, Esq., Treasurer - Sailor and Maritime Attorney
Joe Walkden, Secretary - Sailor and Yacht Broker
Janet Buck-Marusov - Sailor and Photographer
Patricia Brigham - Sailor and COL Army Reserve
JoJo Russell - Sailor and Entertainer

Advisors and Support Crew
Pat Dutton - Professional Sailor
Robin Feret - Sailor and Radiologic Technologist / Medical Assistant
John Eginton - Ship Captain
Warren Eginton - Sailor and Federal Judge
David Foulkes - Sailor and Office Manager
Jennifer Ian - Sailor and Non-Profit Manager
Steve Machesney - Sailor and Computer Design
Georgiana McGlinchie - Sailor and Human Services Professional
Marcia Merrins - Sailor and Ceramics Artist
Mary Mulrooney - Sailor and Registered Nurse
Jesse Schaffer - Sailor and Activist
John Sheets - Sailor and Realtor

You too can join our crew.
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The Mystic Whaler Foundation, Inc. is an IRS non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.
Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.